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Destined to Play By Indigo Bloome When passion turns into dangerous obsession, there are no limits in the pursuit of victory ... The sizzling new erotic romance from the internationally bestselling author of Destined to Play.Eloise Lawrance, a beautiful and dedicated ballerina, is on the cusp of achieving her dreams when her career is abruptly left in tatters. Enigmatic gambling tycoon Caesar King approaches her with an alluring proposition she can't refuse - to dance as inspiration for the top-ranked men's tennis player for two years. Cleverly manipulated by the ruthless Caesar, she is plunged into a world of supreme athleticism where dominance prevails and winning dictates absolute power on the court - and in the bedroom.
Destined to Feel By Indigo Bloome First he opened her mind. Now she must really feel... Psychologist Alexandra Blake has been awakened sexually by her lover, Jeremy Quinn. But her world is plunged into uncertainty when she is abducted in London. While Jeremy embarks on a desperate hunt for the love of his life, Alexandra finds herself caught up in a dangerous game being played out in the shadows. Her captors want to use her to explore the darkest enigma of female sexuality and Alexandra is powerless to escape - but does she even want to? How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity and her desires? Is this a game too far, or is there still everything to play for. The next thrilling erotic adventure from the creator of Destined to Play.
Destined to Fly By Indigo Bloome The compelling and thrilling climax to Alexandra Blake′s sensual journey, from the author of DESTINED TO PLAY and DESTINED TO FEEL Alexandra has returned to the world after her captivity and is left feeling a heady mix of emotions. Strangely empowered, her euphoria becomes tainted with fear, forcing her to acknowledge how the decisions of her past will now determine her future. Alexandra understands it is she alone who holds the key to the answers so desperately sought by both her lover, Jeremy Quinn, and her captors. In order to unlock the secrets within her, she embarks upon a quest to explore the long-forgotten sexual and spiritual nature of her ancestry and despite believing that she has experienced everything possible in her erotic adventures, she discovers that there is still so much more to learn. At last she will discover what freedom truly means and finally understand the real purpose of the role she was always destined to play.
Destined to Play/Destined to Feel By Indigo Bloome The first two scorching Avalon novels in one volume.
Destined to Play/Destined to Feel/Destined to Fly By Indigo Bloome Read the entire breathtaking, bestselling Avalon trilogy - from Alexandra Blake′s passionate sexual awakening during a weekend with her dangerous ex-lover Jeremy Quinn, to the abduction which sees her caught up in an erotic experiment at the hands of a ruthless pharmaceutical company.
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